General Settings - Licenses

The Licenses tab lets you view, manage, and request Argos license keys.

License types

Argos manages different license key type, depending on your customer status and which software modules you have licensed:

  • Evaluation: these keys allow unlimited access to all Argos features. If we extend your trial period, your Argos installation will have multiple Evaluation keys, which will eventually expire.
  • Integration: allows one Argos integration module to run. You need one Integration license per connection
  • Seat: allows activity from one named user to be allocated to a Billing Code. You need one Seat license per user whose activity you want allocated, and/or Argos Manager user, regardless of whether they allocate interactively via the Desktop Client, or silently
  • Support: entitles you to phone and email support, and software upgrades

Your license keys are displayed on the top half of the Licenses tab. You may uncheck the Show Expired Keys box to hide keys that are no longer in use.

For more information on our licensing policies, visit our FAQ.

Requesting a license key

  1. Locate the Unlicensed Items list, located in the lower half of the Licenses tab in the Settings dialog
  2. Select one or more items for which you wish to request license keys. You may use CTRL+Click and Shift+Click techniques to select multiple items.
  3. Click the Request keys button
  4. After a moment you will receive confirmation that the request has been placed

Sepialine receives email notification when you request license keys. If you have already contacted us and paid or approved the license keys, will will issue them. If you haven't yet purchased your licenses, contact us or your Sepialine partner.

Except in rare instances (e.g. firewall or Internet issues), license keys issued by us are automatically downloaded into your Argos installation; there will be no further action required by you. If automatic license key download fails, you can:

  1. Click the Fetch keys button to manually check the Sepialine license server for unclaimed license keys
  2. Request that we email you a license file, which you may then install via the Import from file button


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