Other Billing Options

In addition to creating Billing Codes, there are a number of other settings that can be defined in the Billing Codes section.

Status Values

Status codes can be used to define additional information about particular billing records. Status codes can be selected in the DtC, or can be assigned to specific billing codes or users for silent billing purposes. To add a new status code. click the blue + icon next to "Status Values".

To delete a status code, double-click the Status code name and click "Remove status code" in the dialog. To rename a status code, type a new name in the list.

If activity, devices, users or Billing Codes are reference the status code, you will be prompted to reassign the objects to another existing status code.

When installing, "Billable" is the default status code. To assign a different status code, choose the "Make default" button.

Default status codes can also be defined for specific Billing Codes. This will take precedence over the main default status code. You can also "lock" the status on a specific project so users can only select that status.

Standard Comments

Standard comments are pre-defined by the adminsitrators and can be selected by users in the DtC. To add a new standard comment, click the + button and enter the name of the new comment. Users can be limited to only selecting standard comments, or have the option to add their own.

To delete an existing standard comment, double-click the name and click "Remove comment" on the dialog. Removing a standard comment from the list will not remove any comments from data in allocated activity.

Comments can be required for specific projects. For example, users can be required to enter a comment when billing to specific overhead projects.

For more details, see the following KB article: How do I require comments for specific projects?




Location names/codes can be assigned to objects in the Argos Manager (billing codes, devices, users) and can be used for enhanced reporting and filtering. Locations can be automatically imported during Billing Code and user imports, or manually added through the Argos Manager. To manually add an location, click the + icon next to "Locations".

To delete a location, double-click the location name and click "Remove location" in the dialog. If any Argos objects (devices, users, billing codes) reference the location, you will be prompted to reassign those objects to another existing location.

Locations can also be added within the properties pages for devices, device groups, users and specific billing codes. No matter where a location is created, it is available for mapping throughout the Argos Manager settings.


Billing code Types can be defined for additional reporting and filtering purposes. The default Billing code types that are included with Argos Manager are Regular, Overhead and Promotional. Types are typically defined by a billing code import, but could be added manually as well. Additional types can be created by clicking the + icon next to Types.

To delete a billing code type, double-click the type and click "Remove type" in the dialog.

If a type has already been assigned to existing billing code, you will not be able to delete the type until the billing codes references another type, or references no type.


Statistics shows the total and active numbers of billing codes. This is updated as codes are added, removed, activated or deleted.


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