Argos Mobile for Android

The Argos Mobile app for Android works with the Argos Print Management Pack to let you see a list of pending print jobs, release them to a printer, or delete them from your Android phone.


  • Argos 7.3.3 or higher
  • Android 2.2 ("Froyo") or higher
  • The name or IP address of a computer running the Argos Mobile Release service (part of the Application Server package you installed when you set up Argos)

Preparing Your Android Device

Before downloading, please make sure to allow installation of non-Market applications:

  • On your Android device, navigate to Settings > Application
  • Check the Unknown sources option

Installing the App

From your Android device, access your web browser and navigate to http://ip_or_host:7071/Android/get-client (replace ip_or_host with your Argos Application Server's correct value).

You'll be presented with a page like this:

Tap the grey button to proceed.

After the installation you will need to specify:

  • Your Argos PIN code
  • Server name (<%=_server%>)
  • Port (<%=_port%>)

in the settings of the application.


Using the App

The app works in conjunction with Argos Global Secure print, our secure release and pull printing system. You must first set up one or more print queues to be under print management (need link). When you print to a managed print queue, your print jobs are held for subsequent release. Launching the Android app displays those held print jobs:

Tapping a print job in the list raises a popup menu, from which you can choose Print or Delete.

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