How do I find out if a workstation is connected to Argos?

The quickest way to get a snapshot of which computers are connected to Argos is by using the Communication Service “health” page. In an environment with only one office, there will be only one place to look. In multi-office environments, there will typically be one Communication Service in each office.

To open the health page, open a web browser and go to http://<YOURSERVER>:7080/cs/health. For example, if your server is called “PrintServer”, you would browse to:


The following page will appear:

The health page shows a variety of useful information about your setup, including:

  • product version
  • Database connection status
  • Number of billing codes
  • Number of users in system
  • Number of connected workstations ("interactive clients")

At the bottom, you'll see a list of all current and recently connected Desktop Client sessions. If you see a workstation on this list, you know that it has connected to your Argos Communication service.

If you don't see a computer in this list, there are a number of possibilities:

  • Is the computer turned on?
  • Is the Argos Agent installed on this computer?
  • Is the Argos Agent Service running on the computer?
  • Is the workstation connecting to a different Argos Communication Service?
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