How do I see the comments written by my users?

The Argos Desktop Client gives users the option to add a comment when assigning jobs to a Billing Code. This can be used to explain why a particular project or phase was selected, or to give additional billing instructions to the accounting team.

There are a few places you can find this information once it has been entered into Argos.

Allocated Activity

In Allocated Activity, you can double-click on any record to view the comments written by your staff. This is handy if you are interested in finding information about a particular print job.

You can also sort the data by the comments column, and view all activity that has comments.

If you do this often, we recommend adjusting your column view to bring the comments column closer to the left side.

Comments in Reports

Any Detail report can display comments. Summary and total reports cannot, as the data is aggregated by project, media, device and/or user, rather than by comment. To display comments on a report, just click the "Include Comments (Detailed Reports) box in the Filter's Report Options section.

Comments will appear under each line item in your report. We generally do not recommend including comments on any reports sent directly to your clients, unless you review every record to make sure your staff have not included any inappropriate comments.

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