What’s the difference between Tracked and Billed dates?

All data in Argos is recorded with two distinct date/timestamps. Understanding the difference can help with reporting and troubleshooting.

Tracked Date

The "Tracked Date", in most cases, is the date when the job was recorded. For example, for a print tracked through Windows print tracking, this would be the time that the print was sent from the workstation to the printer. For a copy job, it would be the time reported on the device when a user walks up and makes a copy. For a phone job, it would be the time that the phone system reports the phone call was finished.

Billed Date

The "Billed Date" is the time that the job was recorded to a billing code in Argos. In an interactive environment, this is when a user selects a code from the Desktop Client and clicks "Record". The billed date in this case is usually 15-30 seconds later than the tracked date, but could be much later, depending on if the user has a billing quota, hits snooze, or walks away from their desk. In a silent environment, it is the same as the Tracked Date.

What if the Tracked and Billed dates are consistently different from each other? Or if the Tracked date is later than the Billed date?

When print, copy and scan jobs are pulled directly from a device, such as a Canon ImageRunner, Oce plotter, etc, we are reading a time and date directly from the device's internal logs. If the time or date on the device controller is incorrect, we will record an incorrect Tracked Date. To remedy this, make sure the time and date of all devices is correct.

Using date options in Reports and Data

The Argos activity filter settings include three date options - Disabled, Tracked and Billed. If you want to display all activity, use Disabled. Otherwise, use one of the other two.

When viewing data in the Allocated and Recycled tabs, both Tracked and Billed dates are shown. On the Pending tab, only Tracked date is used. Billed date cannot be selected when viewing Pending data, as this is data that has not been billed yet.

All standard reports display the Tracked date, regardless of which date is used in the Filter selection. Custom reports are available with Billed date.

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