How do I change the user account of someone who got married and changed their name?

After the account is changed or added in Active Directory, it will show up as a new user in Argos, and presumably use an additional license. If a user has two separate accounts in Argos, you can merge them together to accurately reflect your licensing. Merging will treat two or more accounts as one Argos user - they share PIN code, name, email address - everything but username and domain.

  1. Locate new user account in Argos Manager>Users
  2. Right-click and choose "Merge into..."
  3. Type the name of the old user account, and click "OK"

Things to consider when merging users together:

- The old user account must be inactive. If a user prints from a computer using the new account, any user logged onto a computer with the old account will get prompted to bill the new user's jobs.

- The settings of the account you are merging INTO will take precedence. If you want to retain the PIN code, phone extension or other data of the original account, merge the old account into the new account, and then change the display name.

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