SQL Express Installation fails


During initial installation of Argos, the following message appears:

"The installation of Sepialine SQL 2XXX Express RTM (x86 & x64WOW) appears to have failed. Do you want to continue the installation?"


The Sepialine SQL Express installer simplifies the SQL installation process by suppressing most configuration options. Therefore, if the installation fails, it will not return a specific error message to explain why.

The most common reason for the SQL Express installation to fail is a pending reboot requirement. If any Windows Updates have been installed, or any other programs installed and requested a reboot, SQL Express 2008 will not install until this requirement has been met.

SQL Express 2008 includes a tool called System Configuration Checker to help troubleshoot why the installer fails. To access the System Configuration Checker, follow these steps.

  1. Browse to c:\ArgosInstallers\SepialineSQL\ISSetupPrerequisites\Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express RTM (x86 & x64WOW)
  2. Run SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe. This will open the SQL Server Installation Center
  3. Click Tools
  4. Click System Configuration Checker
  5. The Setup Support Rules dialog will appear. All possible prerequisites will be shown, and any with a status of "Failed" should be addressed before running the Sepialine SQL Express 2008 installer.
  6. Click the "Failed" link to see the details.
  7. Click Cancel to exit the System Configuration Checker, address the pending requirements, and run the Argos Installer Launcher again to complete your Argos installation.

Depending on the version of Argos you are installing, the path to SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe may be slightly different. Additionally, if you installed the Argos Installer in a different location than c:\ArgosInstallers (D:\ArgosInstallers, for example), then browse to the corresponding path.

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