Collecting Macintosh spool files


  1. Login to the Mac as an Administrator.
  2. Select a print queue to pause by opening Print & Fax preferences.
    • System Preferences > Print & Fax > Select print device > Click Print Queue button
  3. Pause the print queue by clicking the Stop Jobs button at the top of the queue window. The button should change to Start Jobs and the status should display Jobs Stopped.
  4. Send a print job to the paused print queue. You will be prompted to restart print jobs.
  5. Select the Add to Queue button instead of the default Continue. Clicking Continue will restart the queue preventing you from capturing the initial print ticket.
  6. Open the Terminal utility
    • Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  7. Enter the following command and press enter supplying the administrative password when prompted.
    • sudo cp -R /private/var/spool/cups ~/Desktop; sudo chmod -R 775 ~/Desktop/cups
  8. Zip the cups folder copied to the Mac Desktop by right-clicking (or command-clicking) on it and selecting Compress "cups".
  9. Attach the resulting to an email to Sepialine support.
  10. Restart the paused print queue.
  11. Delete the cups folder from the Desktop if desired.
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