Allowing print jobs on Konica Minolta device using an Argos Keypad terminal

With most Konica Minolta devices, there is an option in the Key Counter configuration settings to define which functions (print, scan, copy, fax) are controlled by an external tracking device. We recommend only having copy activity locked down.

If an external tracking device such as an Argos Keypad is installed on some legacy Konica Minolta devices, such as the Bizhub 200 and 600, printing is always locked down. To allow print jobs to go through, users must first log into the Keypad.

To change this behavior so printing is not blocked by an external tracking device, disable SNMP  in the print driver's port settings.

  1. Open print driver properties on print server. If users print directly from their workstations, this should be done on all workstations instead of a print server.
  2. Click "Ports" tab
  3. Select the port that is in use and choose "Configure Port..."
  4. Uncheck "SNMP Status Enabled" box
  5. Click "OK"
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