Installing Repro Desk Publisher Integration through Deployment Center

The following applies to installations of Publisher/Client Tools using Repro Desk 1.6. Customers with Repro Desk Studio or Publisher Select need not follow these steps.

To display a project list in Oce Publisher, an ActiveX component is installed on the workstations along with the Argos Agent. This article explains how to set up the Argos Deployment Center to push Publisher integration when installing the Argos Agent.

Install Deployment Center

Follow the standard instructions to install Deployment Center.

Modify Agent installer scripts

Edit the scripts that install the client on workstations.

  1. Browse to the Scripts folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Sepialine\Argos7\DeployApp\Scripts 
  2. Open agent_inst.xml in Notepad
  3. Paste the following text before the "Action Type="INST_SVC"" line:

    <!-- Enhanced Deployment of Reprodesk Publisher Integration -->
    <!-- Make sure to create Repro16.xml in DC7\Cache\Reprodesk16 -->
    <!-- Add registry entries for Communication Service connection -->
    <Action Type="COPY_REGISTRY" Source="%SRC_FOLDER%\Reprodesk16\Repro16.xml" Target="Software" TargetHive="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"/>
    <!-- Create folder and copy additional files -->
    <Action Type="CREATE_FOLDER" TargetFolder="\\%TARGETMACHINE%\c$\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7\Reprodesk" />
    <Action Type="COPY_FILE" Name="%SRC_FOLDER%\Reprodesk16\SepialineRDSync.ocx" TargetFolder="\\%TARGETMACHINE%\c$\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7\Reprodesk" Force="True" />
    <Action Type="COPY_FILE" Name="%SRC_FOLDER%\Reprodesk16\ClientToolsWorkOrder.dll" TargetFolder="\\%TARGETMACHINE%\c$\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7\Reprodesk" Force="True" />
    <Action Type="COPY_FILE" Name="%SRC_FOLDER%\Reprodesk16\ClientTools2WorkOrder.dll" TargetFolder="\\%TARGETMACHINE%\c$\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7\Reprodesk" Force="True" />
    <Action Type="COPY_FILE" Name="%SRC_FOLDER%\Reprodesk16\Argres.dll" TargetFolder="\\%TARGETMACHINE%\c$\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7\Reprodesk" Force="True" />
    <Action Type="COPY_FILE" Name="%SRC_FOLDER%\InstallService.exe" TargetFolder="\\%TARGETMACHINE%\c$\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7" Force="True" />
    <!-- Run installation service -->
    <Action Type="INST_SVC" Name="ArgosInstallService" Display_Name="ArgosInstallService" TargetFile="c:\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7\InstallService.exe" />
    <!-- Register files -->
    <Action Type="REG_FILE" Name="c:\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7\Reprodesk\SepialineRDSync.ocx" />
    <Action Type="REG_FILE" Name="c:\Program Files\Sepialine\Argos7\Reprodesk\Argres.dll" />
    <!-- Stop and delete installation service --<
    <Action Type="STOP_SVC" Name="ArgosInstallService" MAX_WAIT="10" />
    <Action Type="DELETE_SVC" Name="ArgosInstallService" />
    <!-- END Enhanced Deployment of Reprodesk Publisher Integration -->

  4. Save and close agent_inst.xml
  5. Open agent_inst_x64.xml in Notepad
  6. Paste the same text block in the same location
  7. Save and close agent_inst.xml

Copy and edit additional files

Additional files are required for Repro Desk integration to work

  1. Download ZIP file containing integration files
  2. Unpack and copy Reprodesk16 folder to c:\Program Files (x86)\Sepialine\Argos7\DeployApp\Cache
  3. Open Repro16.xml in Notepad
  4. Edit <Value Name="HTTPConnectionString" Type="REG_SZ" Value="http://SERVERNAME:7080/Argos6/argos.asmx/" /> and replace "SERVERNAME" with the name of your server
  5. Save and close Repro16.xml
The Deployment Center will now install Repro Desk 1.6 Publisher integration along with the Argos Agent. There will be no indication in the Deployment Center that the additional components have been installed.
Contents of Reprodesk16 folder

The Reprodesk16 folder contains the following files:

  •  ArgRes.dll
  • ClientTools2WorkOrder.dll
  • ClientToolsWorkOrder.dll
  • InstallService.exe
  • Repro16.xml
  • SepialineRDSync.ocx
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