KIP Plot jobs sent from Autocad show NoName for filename

The KIP Autocad (HDI) driver allows users to define the filename in a variety of ways. The user input overrides the actual filename when recorded in the KIP accounting log. If no value is set for the filename, "NoName" will appear in the log.

Variables available in KIP HDI driver settings

  • Dwgname (records filename of plot job)
  • Dwgpath (records file path AND filename of plot job)

The filename can be hard-coded to any value as well. Sepialine recommends using Dwgname or Dwgpath for most accurate results.

Configuring the KIP PC3 file settings

3rd Party Configuration

Sepialine provides these steps only as a reference. For issues or questions about the KIP driver settings, contact your KIP dealer.

  1. In Autocad, double-click the PC3 file for your KIP plotter to open the Plotter Configuration Editor
  2. Select the "Devices and Document Settings" tab
  3. Click "Custom Properties"
  4. Click "Custom Properties..." button
  5. Click "Printer" button to find your printer
  6. Click "Description" box under "Plot Identification"
  7. Enter "Dwgname" or "Dwgpath" as the value
  8. Click "OK"
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