KIP Plot jobs sent from Autocad have no username

The KIP Autocad (HDI) driver allows users to hard code a username or use a system variable to define the username. Depending on how the PC3 file is used, there are different recommendations for how to define this.

Username values allowed in KIP HDI driver settings

  • Blank (will send no username to KIP log, jobs will not be allocated in Argos correctly - NOT RECOMMENDED!)
  • Hard-coded to specific username (all prints sent using this PC3 will be recorded in Argos with this specific username - OK if each user maintains their own PC3 files)
  • %USERNAME% system variable (all prints sent using this PC3 will use the currently-logged on Windows username - Use this if users share PC3 files)

Depending on the version of the KIP driver used, the system variable may be %USERNAME% or %USERNAME. Sepialine does not maintain a list of which KIP driver versions require which variable. If using the system variable in your PC3 files, make sure to test after each KIP driver upgrade.


Configuring the KIP PC3 file settings

3rd Party Configuration

Sepialine provides these steps only as a reference. For issues or questions about the KIP driver settings, contact your KIP dealer.


  1. In Autocad, double-click the PC3 file for your KIP plotter to open the Plotter Configuration Editor
  2. Select the "Devices and Document Settings" tab
  3. Click "Custom Properties"
  4. Click "Custom Properties..." button
  5. Click "Printer" button to find your printer
  6. Click "Requester" box under "Plot Identification"
  7. Enter system variable (%USERNAME% or %USERNAME) or enter username as the value
  8. Click "Job Number" box under "Plot identification"
  9. Enter ROUTETODESKTOP as the value
  10. Click "OK"
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