Configuring Network Accounting on a Xerox 73xx or 74xx series device

Unlike other Xerox devices, the 73xx and 74xx series devices (also known as "Fuji" Xerox controllers) have a separate setup from all other Workcentre devices.

Setting up your Xerox device

  1. On your computer open a web browser.
  2. Enter the IP address or hostname of your Xerox device.
  3. Enter the administrator username and password when prompted. The default is Username: admin Password: 1111.
  4. Select the properties tab.
  5. On the left side select the Accounting node.
  6. Select the Accounting Configuration subnode.
  7. Set the Accounting Type to "Network Accounting".
  8. If you wish to track print jobs using Xerox JBA integration set Verify User Details for Printer/ Direct Fax Jobs to "Yes". Users are then required to use the Xerox driver and enter their PIN when making prints or their prints will be rejected.
  9. Set Customize User Prompts to "Display User ID Prompt Only".
  10. Apply changes.
  11. Reboot the device if prompted.
  12. Repeat steps 1-4.
  13. On the left side select the Security node.
  14. Select the Authentication Configuration subnode.
  15. Set the Login Type to "Login to Local Accounts".
  16. Apply changes.
  17. Reboot the device if prompted.
  18. Repeat steps 1-4.
  19. On the left side select the Security node.
  20. Select the Authentication Configuration subnode.
  21. Click next.
  22. Click the Device Access button.
  23. Set All Services Pathway to "Locked".
  24. Now go over to the device itself.
  25. Press the Log In/Out button.
  26. Enter the administrator username and password when prompted. The default is Username: admin Password: 1111.
  27. Press the Machine Status button.
  28. Select the Tools tab.
  29. On the left side select the Authentication/Security Settings node.
  30. Select Authentication.
  31. Select User Details Setup.
  32. Select Logout Confirmation Screen.
  33. Select the Change Settings button.
  34. Set to "Disabled".
  35. Select the Save button.
  36. Select the close button to exit User Details Setup.
  37. Select Passcode Policy...
  38. Select Passcode Entry from Control Panel.
  39. Select Change Settings button.
  40. Set to "Off".
  41. Select the Save button.
  42. Press the Log In/Out button to log out.
  43. Restart the device if prompted.

Fuji series devices have a serious limitation not seen on other models - there is no username associated with a print job unless users enter a PIN code in their print driver settings.

For this reason, we recommend using Xerox OnBoard to track copies and scans, and using standard Argos Windows tracking to capture print activity.

To disable print authentication, uncheck the "Auditron (Print Service)" box seen in step 8.


  • Log information (page count, page size – but not passwords) is fetched from Xerox MFPs in clear text, even when SSL is enabled on the device.
  • Particularly complex jobs (i.e. those with more than six different paper sizes) will produce an excess page count. Excess values are automatically assigned to the Black & White media type you assigned when you set up tracking for the device. This is a rare, but possible, occurrence.
  • Models with the Fuji Xerox "Green" controller – which include WCP 123/128, WC M123/M128, WCP 7228/7235/7245 – are limited to a maximum of 1000 users when in NVRAM mode, or 10,000 in HD mode. The mode can be configured in Properties->Security->User Details Setup->Store User Details. M123/M128 do not support HD mode (and are consequently limited to 1000 users). These devices upload large numbers of users at a slower rate than other devices. Xerox lab tests measure 20,000 users and accounts in 15-20 minutes.
  • Username length is limited to 25, which exceeds the Argos username length limit. Usernames that exceed 25 characters in length will be truncated. This only applies to Windows-based printing.
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