Payment Policy

This page outlines our licensing and payment policies and timelines.

  • Payment terms are Net 30 days. This means that payment must be made in full within 30 days.
  • Upon approval of a quote, we will send a PDF invoice via email. If you do not receive this electronic invoice, contact us.
  • Within 24 hours we will contact you to verify your receipt of the electronic invoice.
  • If you choose to pay via credit card, we will process your payment via telephone and send you payment confirmation via email.
  • If you choose to pay via check we will verify that the PDF invoice has been submitted to the correct Accounts Payable person or department in your organization.
  • We will contact you 20 days later if we have not received payment.
  • If payment is not made on time, your account will be frozen. This means that you will be unable to make additional purchases from us until your account is paid in full, and you will not be entitled to technical support services. Late fees will begin accruing at this point.
  • If payment is not received within 60 days, we will refer your account to a collections agency. We will revoke your electronic license, which will disable the software.
  • If your account has been frozen and/or your software has been disabled, you may pay in full at any time and restore your account to good standing, at which point we will reinstate technical support services, re-enable the software, and/or recall any collection efforts.
  • When renewing your annual maintenance contract, in order to ensure uninterrupted service, payment for the coming 12 months is due 15 days before expiration.
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