PCounter for Novell

Novell Netware printing can be tracked using our PCounter integration.This integration can also track PCounter activity in a Windows environment.

Create PCounter Adapter

  1. Click  the "Gear" icon Devices & Terminals
  2. Choose Activity>PCounter Import
  3. Click "Create"
  4. Click the ellipsis to browse to your PCounter log location
  5. Choose a default paper size (Letter is recommended)
  6. Select a user to assign PCounter activity to that has no username
  7. Choose Windows or Novell as OS platform
  8. Check "Enabled"
  9. Set schedule (Every minute is recommended)
  10. Click OK

Advanced Settings

Media Mapping

If there are multiple media types in your PCounter log, you can map these to specific media in Argos. For example, if Glossy Paper was a media option in PCounter, you could create a similar media in Argos and assign activity to that media.

Username Settings

In some cases, It is possible that your PCounter log may store usernames and domains in the same field, separated by a dot . If this is the case, choose "Trim username after first dot."

Novell Permissions Settings

When installing PCounter in a Novell environment, a user account with read/write inheritable permissions from the print manager folder back to the root of the tree is required for proper logging.

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