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OpCenter PlotWorks (Formerly PLP PlotWorks) is a batch plotting and document submission system that works with a variety of large format plotters. Depending on the specific environment, project information may or may not be provided by the users at the time of submission through PlotWorks. Argos can either use user-submitted billing information, or prompt users to bill via the Desktop Client after the plot job completes.

Create an Opcenter adapter

  1. Click  the Gear icon Devices & Terminals
  2. Choose Advanced Plotworks Activity Import...
  3. Click Create
  4. Create a name for your Task (PlotWorks Activity Import, PLP TDS750 Import, etc). Select the desired Log format; to track per print job, select Folder (multiple log files in a specified folder), to track per page, select File (one log file for all records).
  5. Select a device to associate with PlotWorks activity
  6. Browse to your PlotWorks log location
  7. Set an unknown user for activity that does not have a username
  8. Set a default billing code for activity that does not have a project
  9. Click Enabled
  10. Set a schedule for importing
  11. Click OK

Advanced Options

Multiple Devices

Depending on how PlotWorks is configured, you may have activity from multiple devices in a single PlotWorks log file, or you may have multiple PlotWorks log files, each for a single device. If you have multiple devices logging to one file, click Override Device Mappings... to define which Argos device the activity should be associated with.

Print job dimensions

PlotWorks stores two sizes in the log - the size that the document was submitted ("Actual size") and the size it was printed ("Final size"). These are usually similar, but there are times they do not match. We recommend using "Final size" to most accurately match the device's internal meter, but both options are available.

Jobs with Invalid data

PlotWorks data is usually assigned to a project by the user prior to submission. However, if either the project or the username is missing, there are options for how to handle this:

  • Ignore jobs with an unknown project. If this is selected, activity in PlotWorks without a valid project will be discarded. If this is unselected, activity without a valid project will be assigned to the default project defined in the adapter.
  • Ignore jobs with no username. If this is selected, activity in PlotWorks without a username will be discarded. If this is unselected, activity without a username will be assigned to the "unknown username" defined in the adapter.

Routed Billing

If valid project information is generally not entered in PlotWorks by the users, you can opt for Routed Billing, which will prompt the user to assign a project using the Argos Desktop Client after the job prints. To enable this, choose "Route to desktop for billing".

Additional Settings

  • Record comments - This setting will populate the Argos comments field with the data from the PlotWorks comments field.
  • Derive username from filename - In some configurations, the PlotWorks username may be in the filename rather than the username field. 
  • Ignore jobs with entry in ACCOUNT - Ignores any PlotWorks activity that has anything in the "Account" field.
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