Large Format - Oce - Oce Color Wave 600

The Color Wave 600 introduces a new method of tracking and billing large format color plotting - the Océ SmartClick. This is a proprietary measurement created by Océ, which factors in both area (amount of paper) and density (amount of ink used). Argos 7 gives you the option to bill by SmartClick or by the traditional square footage or quantity methods.

What you will need:

  1. Argos Manager
  2. IP Address of Color Wave 600 device
  3. Océ Accounting enabled on Color Wave 600 device

Configuring the Color Wave 600 adapter

Setup for a Color Wave device is very similar to a standard Océ device (TDS700, Plotwave 300, etc).

  1. Open Argos Manager and browse to Devices and Terminals
  2. From the right-side menu, double-click Advanced Tracking>Oce Account Logic (Pull)
  3. Type the IP address of your device in the IP field
  4. Click "Job Types" to define the activity types you'd like to track and which media to use
  5. Click the "Device Information" tab to set the name, and optionally define Group, Location, and/or Device Manager on "Device Information" tab
  6. Click OK 

Tracking By SmartClick

Oce SmartClick is a proprietary billing method created by Océ to account for a combination of paper and ink. Argos can either bill by the traditional method (by square feet/paper size) or by SmartClick.

  1. Click "Track by smart clicks if available"
  2. Select "Add new media..." from the media drop-down
  3. Provide a name, such as "Smart Click"
  4. Choose "Page" as the Pricing basis
  5. Click "OK"

SmartClick tracking records a total number of clicks - not square feet, dimensions or number of pages. Therefore, only media types that use a per-click basis (referred to as "Per Page") will appear in the drop down.

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