Phone Tracking

Argos phone tracking leverages existing Argos concepts to track and assign costs to telephone activity. Your phone switch or PBX system is represented in Argos as a device, similar to the way a printer or copier is represented.

Where print and copy activity is paper-based and priced by page count and page size, phone calls are duration-based and are priced based on minutes. Argos uses a special phone call media type for this purpose.

Argos determines whether a call was local, long-distance, or international by analyzing call logs and then applying a series of rules based on the location of the user. Argos uses the concept of office to determine a user's location.

Hence, to track phone calls in Argos you must:
# Create a [phone call media type|argos7:Phone tracking media types]
# Set up your office(s) in Argos
# Assign your users to their respective offices
# Set up one or more [phone devices|argos7:Phone tracking devices]


Argos phone tracking supports the following systems:

* Cisco Call Manager
* 3Com NBX
* NEC UX5000

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