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What is Argos OnBoard for Sharp?

Argos OnBoard for Sharp enables user authentication on the panel of your MFP, provides Secure Release and Global Print functionality, and tracks all copy, print and scan activity. Argos provides Single Sign On access to other OSA applications and can set different printing limits and restrictions for different users.

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Setting up Argos OnBoard for Sharp

To install, you will need the following:

Configuring your device to work with Argos:

Configure the authentication method:

  • Pin Authentication - Allows users to enter a PIN code or use an Argos Proximity card reader to access the device
  • Active Directory Authentication - Allows users to enter their AD username/password on the device. This is only recommended for Sharp devices that have a full keyboard
  • Proximity Card Authentication - Allows users to login using an Argos Proximity card reader without clicking a button on the screen first
  • No Authentication - All activity is tracked, but users are never prompted to login at the MFP

Configuring your Sharp device in Argos Manager

Once you reboot your Sharp MFP, it will appear in Argos Manager and start tracking. The name will be set as the device's serial number, and it will appear in the default device group. To change these settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open Argos Manager and select the Devices and Terminals tab                                                                                                                                                      
  2. In the Default device group, the new Sharp MFP instance will appear with its serial number and an Argos Sharp OnBoard label.
  3. Double-click the device name to open the instance properties. On the Device Information tab, enter a name for the device, and optionally set the Group, Location, and Owner. Click OK.

NOTE: After you've completed the Sharp Onboard setup, it is very important that you disable tracking on the windows/Mac queues for this device in Argos Manager.  This is to avoid double-billing from the different tracking methods moving forward.


Secure Release

Argos Secure Release is available for Sharp devices. Follow these steps to enable and configure.

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Compatible Devices

MX series

MX-1800N, MX-2000F, MX-2010U, MX-2300FG, MX-2300G, MX-2300N, MX-230x, MX-2301N, MX-2310U, MX-2314N, MX-2600N, MX-2610N, MX-2614, MX-2614N, MX-2615, MX-2640N, MX-2700FG, MX-2700G, MX-2700N, MX-3100N, MX-310x, MX-3110N, MX-3114N, MX-3115N, MX-3140N, MX-3500FN, MX-3500N, MX-3501FN, MX-3501N, MX-360x, MX-3610N, MX-3640N, MX-3060N, MX-3560N, MX-4060N, MX-4100N, MX-4101N, MX-410x, MX-4110, MX-4111, MX-4111N, MX-4140N, MX-4141N, MX-4500FN, MX-4500N, MX-4501FN, MX-4501N, MX-3070N, MX-3570N, MX-4070N, MX-5070N, MX-6070N, MX-5001N, MX-500x, MX-5070N, MX-5111, MX-5111N, MX-5140N, MX-5141N, MX-5500N, MX-6200N, MX-6201N, MX-6240N, MX-6500N, MX-7000N, MX-7001N, MX-7040N, MX-7500N, MX-900N, MX-M904,MX-M753, MX-M850, MX-2651, MX-3051, MX-355, MX-4051, MX-3071, MX-3571, MX-4071, MX-2630N, MX-3050V, MX-3550V and MX-4050V, MX-3070V, MX-3570V, MX-4070V, MX-2651, MX-3051, MX-355, MX-4051


MX-M series

MX-M502N, MX-M503N, MX-M1054, MX-M1100, MX-1100N, MX-M1204, MX-M264, MX-M264N, MX-M266N, MX-M282N, MX-M283, MX-M283N, MX-M314, MX-M314N, MX-M316N, MX-M350, MX-M350F, MX-M350N, MX-M350U, MX-M354N, MX-M350F, MX-M350N, MX-M350U, MX-M354N, MX-M362N, MX-M363, MX-M363N, MX-M365N, MX-M450, MX-M450F, MX-M450N, MX-M450U, MX-M452N, MX-M453, MX-M453N, MX-M464, X-M465N, MX-M550, MX-M550N, MX-M550U, MX-M564N, MX-M565N, MX-M620, MX-M620N, MX-M620U, MX-M623, MX-M623N, MX-M654N,MX-M700, MX-M700N, MX-M700U, MX-M753N, MX-M754N, MX-M850, MX-M904, MX-M950, MX-M1100

MX-B series

MX-B38x, MX-B40x

MX-C series

MX-C301W, MX-C311, MX-C312N, MX-C381, MX-C401

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