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Argos OnBoard for Kyocera tracks walkup copy and scan jobs on Kyocera MFPs.

Before you start

To install, you'll need:

  • IP address of your Kyocera MFP
  • Argos 7.5.1 or higher installed
  • At least one user with a PIN code in Argos
  • Portable USB Drive or Kyocera Net Admin tool

Install the Application on your MFP

To add Argos OnBoard for Kyocera to an MFP, you can either load the application onto a USB drive, and then copy to the MFP, or use the Kyocera NetInstall tool. This document includes instructions for manually installing via USB.

  1. Copy the Application from c:\Argos7Installers\Kyocera to a USB drive, and plug it into the USB port on the right-side of the Kyocera's display panel.
  2. Click the "System Menu" button on the keypad of the MFP.
  3. If prompted, log in using an administrative account. A default Kyocera user/password is Admin/Admin.
  4. Click "User Login/Job Accounting"
  5. Click "Unknown ID Job" and set to "Permit". If this change is not made, users will not be able to print once Argos OnBoard is installed.
  6. Click "OK", then "Close".
  7. From the System Menu, choose "Applications"
  8. Click "Add" to add a new application
  9. If the USB drive is installed, you will see "Argos OnBoard Copy and Scan Tracking" in the list. Check the box.
  10. Click "Install".
  11. Click "Yes" from the "Are you sure?" screen.
  12. Select Argos and click "Activate".
  13. Click "Yes" from the "Are you sure?" screen.
  14. The application is now activated. Before it is used, it must be connected to your Argos server. 

Create and Associate the MFP in Argos

  1. Open Argos Manager and click "Devices & Terminals".
  2. Double-click "OnBoard for Kyocera MFP" from the "Advanced Tracking" list on the right.
  3. Enter the IP address of the MFP in the "Network Address" field. 
  4. Click "Associate..."
  5. Enter a device name (Kyocera MFP 2nd Floor, for example)  on the "Device Information" page.
  6. The device is now ready to use.


Kyocera Net Admin install

If installing Argos OnBoard on multiple machines, Kyocera's Net Admin utility can be used to push the application. 


One-Touch Login

Argos OnBoard for Kyocera supports One-Touch Login using the Card Authentication Kit, available from Kyocera. 


Supported Devices

Argos OnBoard for Kyocera is supported on Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFPs the support version 2.0 and higher of the HyPAS SDK.
The current list of supported devices includes:
TASKalfa 3050ci
TASKalfa 3550ci
TASKalfa 4550ci
TASKalfa 5550ci
TASKalfa 3500i
TASKalfa 4500i
TASKalfa 5500i
TASKalfa 6550ci
TASKalfa 7550ci
TASKalfa 6500i
TASKalfa 8000i
TASKalfa/CS 5551ci 
TASKalfa/CS 4551ci 
TASKalfa/CS 3551ci 
TASKalfa/CS 3051ci 
TASKalfa/CS 5501i 
TASKalfa/CS 4501i 
TASKalfa/CS 3501i 
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