Job History

The Desktop Client has an optional component that allows users to edit data that was previously billed. The following fields can be edited after initially billing:

  1. Billing code
  2. Status

Job History is disabled by default, and is enabled at the user group level. 

Enabling Job History

Manual Entry can be enabled within any user group in the Argos Manager.

  1. Open Argos Manager
  2. Click on Users
  3. Double-click on desired user group
  4. Click Permissions
  5. Check "Can edit job history for..."
  6. Define date range (current month, 14 days, 30 days, any date range)

Using Job History

Users who have access to manual entry will see a second tab on their Desktop Client called "Job History". If this feature is enabled, the user can right-click the Argos icon in the system tray of their computer at any time to select Job History

  1. Right-click on Argos icon in taskbar and choose "Job History"
  2. Highlight record(s) to edit and double-click to open
  3. Edit billing code, media and/or comments


If job history is enabled, it is possible for users to edit data after a report has been generated for billing. We recommend only allowing editing of very recent data.

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