Importing Users From Active Directory

Argos can import users directly from Active Directory. This method works best if the user's location, user group and PIN code can be defined using fields that exist in your Active Directory setup.

The AD import is designed to bring PIN, location and group information into Argos. If you have defined these fields in Argos, but do not have it defined in Active Directory, these fields will be overwritten with default information - including a blank PIN code.

Importing users from Active Directory

  1. Browse to Users, select the "Gear" icon under the user list and choose "Import..."
  2. Select "Import users from Active Directory" from the drop down menu, then click "Configure..."
  3. Select the AD containers/users you want to import, and map the Group, PIN and Location fields to the fields you have set up with this information.
  4. You can select from any available AD fields to get this info, although we recommend having custom fields set up.
  5. Click "Run Now" to run the import
  6. Click "Schedule" to set up a regular import schedule

If your import is scheduled and set to update existing users, all group definitions must be defined within Active Directory. For example, if you have some users who are set to the Unlicensed group, you must define this in Active Directory, or each time the import runs, it will move them back out of the Unlicensed group.

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