Unlicensed Users

Argos 7 introduces the Unlicensed Users group, a built-in, non-deletable user group. The Unlicensed Users group help you manage your licenses, and gives you a home for people who are in your Argos system, but you don't want to track.


Users in the Unlicensed group do not count against your total license count, and activity from these users is not recorded in the Argos database.

The Unlicensed group is designed for the following scenarios:

  • A user has left the company, but their activity should be restored for archival purposes. The license may be reused by a replacement employee.
  • Users who do not produce billable work (such as accounting, marketing, administration, etc) and should not use up a license. This will allow them to access walkup copiers and print through the same print servers as billable users, but will keep their activity from being tracked or assigned to a license.

Once a user is added to the Unlicensed group, they will no longer be tracked by Argos. To start tracking them again, and to assign a license to them, simply drag them back into one of the other groups.

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