Argos Integration Service

The Argos Integration Service handles any tasks that run on a schedule, such as:

Health Page

The Integration Service Health Page will give you basic diagnostic information about your system and can be accessed through a web browser at http://YOURSERVER:7088/is/health

Service Information

The Health Page provides some brief information that can be used for troubleshooting issues:

  • Diagnostic log locations (Log #1, Log #2, etc)
  • Windows GUID or Server ID (Excecutor ID)
  • Successful database connection (Last sync result) 


Tasks are split into three sections:

  • Disabled. Disabled tasks are not set to run on a schedule, and do not have the "Enabled" box checked.
  • Unlicensed. Unlicensed adapters do not have a valid license. With the exception of FM Server transmitter, billing code import, user import, CSV export and emailed reports, all adapters require a license.
  • Active. Active adapters are set to run on a schedule. The frequency and next execution time are listed.

Configuration File

The Integration service configuration file includes a few settings that occasionally may be changed.

The configuration file is located at c:\Program Files (x86)\Sepialine\Argos7\Integration\AppServer.IntegrationService.exe.config.

  • Executor ID Override - In some rare cases, the Windows GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) used to identify the server is not unique. This inconsistency can occur when using OEM versions of Windows Server operating systems that have not yet been activated, or when using Windows Volume Licensing. In these environments, the Executor ID Override may need to be adjusted if the Integration service runs on multiple servers using the same Windows GUID.
  • Diagnostics Port Page - By default, the Health Page is displayed on port 7088. If another application is already using port 7088, this can be moved to a different port. This is often required with Oce Reprodesk Studio.


Configuration file changes are not stored during upgrades. Be sure to note any custom changes prior to upgrading to a newer Argos version.

Determining your Integration Service

To determine which Integration Services are actively checking in with the database, or to retire a server that has been running the service previously, navigate to view>settings>task executors in Argos Manager.  
You'll be able to retire a server and assign any tasks it was running to another if it hasn't checked in recently.
You can find more information about task executors and how they work on our Task Executors article.
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