High CPU Usage on Print Server

In some rare instances, a print server that is running Argos Agent to track windows print queues will see a high percentage of utilization.  

If the server meets our system requirements to run Argos, and you have looked at the Windows Task Manager and verified that one of our Argos Agent components is using the resources, it is very likely that a large or corrupted spool file has been copied to our parsing location and may need to be manually removed.

To manually remove the problematic spool file:

  1. Navigate to C:\programdata\sepialine\Argos7\spool on your print server
  2. Stop the Argos Agent Service (start>run>services.msc to access component services)
  3. Clear the contents of your C:\programdata\sepialine\Argos7\spool folder by moving the files to an alternate location (This is in case you need to recover print jobs contained there)
  4. If ExternalParserhost.exe or our other Agent processes are still running in Task Manager, you may need to manually end them there in order to move the files out
  5. Start Argos Agent Service again

If these steps don't resolve your issue, please open a ticket that includes the details of your issue and we will assist you.


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