Print queue tracking per device

Argos version 7.7.0 introduced automatic merging of print queue devices to help better manage multiple instances of the same physical device. While this is ideal for printers being tracked using the Argos Agent for Windows or Mac, devices being tracked by an integrated connector or Argos OnBoard will generate a print job from each instance, resulting in double-billing.


Disabling print queue tracking

To prevent double-billing from occurring (or to resolve an existing issue), print tracking can be disabled at the device level.

  1. In Argos Manager > Devices section, double-click on the device to open the properties window.    Untitled.png                                                                   
  2.  In the Multi-Function Device window, select the radio button next to Do not track printing. Next to the Queue Name for the print queue instance, make sure the Defaults? is set to Yes. Click OK to save the changes.                                                                                                              Untitled.png                                                                               
  3. Tracking defaults can be overridden for individual print queues by clicking on the ellipse button (...) next to the Queue Name. In the Print Queue Tracking Configuration window, remove the check mark next to Use Default Print Configuration and select the radio button next to Do not track printing. Click OK to save the changes.                                                                                    Untitled.png


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